Folding bikes are now part of the normal cityscape in larger cities. Rightly so!

Whether on the road, at bus stops or on public transport: the practical, compact little helpers are a clever companion in everyday life and in city traffic, but also on bike tours. And not just for professionals. They are a symbol of modern mobility.

Colloquially, the two types of bicycles are often equated. But is it the same thing?

The answer is: no. In fact, the classic folding bike has existed for over fifty years. With a main hinge in the middle of the frame, it only folds in that exact spot. Folding bikes are the further development of this, i.e. the “modern” version of this type of bike. They can be folded several times and are usually also significantly lighter than their foldable predecessors.

One thing is clear: the folding bike is the perfect companion in the urban traffic jungle. It could hardly be easier to get from A to B in rush hour traffic without traffic jams and the hassle of looking for a parking space and at the same time being uncomplicated and space-saving on public transport. But the folding bike can also be a loyal companion far away from the city in leisure time or on vacation. Taking the bike with you on holiday? No problem with a bike that can be easily stowed in the trunk like a piece of luggage. If you want to cover longer distances with it, you should invest in a folding bike with higher quality: high-quality materials, easy handling, good gears and a comfortable saddle. This not only ensures better driving comfort, but also more safety and, of course, driving pleasure.
Before you buy a folding bike, you should first ask yourself what you mainly want to use the flexible two-wheeler for. Do you only want to take it to work or should it also be used in your free time? If you plan to use the folding bike primarily on your daily commute, you should definitely take a closer look at the weight. Since the models can vary greatly in their weight, it makes sense to tend to opt for a lighter model for the daily commute. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the folding process is as easy as possible to handle. A high quality of the materials, especially the folding hinges, can contribute to this. If generally longer tours are planned, a higher quality of the bike as well as a good gear shift and a comfortable saddle ensure more riding comfort. Many folding bike models have a maximum tire size of 20 inches to be as light and easy to transport as possible. This could be a problem for taller people. Most folding bikes can be adapted to most cyclists by adjusting the height of the seat post and steering column. Nevertheless, people taller than 1.85 m are recommended to seek extensive advice from a specialist dealer and in any case to take a test ride before buying a foldable bike.
Electric folding bikes, also known as e-folding bikes, offer a variety of benefits that make them an attractive choice for many people. The decision to buy an electric folding bike depends on personal needs.

This checklist will help you find your way:

Do you commute a lot and is your workplace relatively far from your home?

Do you have limited storage space at home or at work?

Do you often find yourself in city traffic or traffic jams?

Would you like to be more physically active and improve your health?

Do you use public transport?

If you can answer YES to most of the questions, an electric folding bike may be the ideal choice.