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COAST - folding bikes for urban environment


10 Nov 2022

Think big: Which folding bike is suitable for tall people?

Folding bikes are all the rage: they are the perfect means of transport for all those who want to get from A to B quickly and flexibly, especially in urban areas.
But: really for everyone? What about particularly tall people? Again and again you can e.g. B. read that there could be difficulties finding a suitable folding bike from a certain height. We take a closer look and I can already say: I am over 1.80 m tall and really enjoy riding a folding bike.

Small but mighty

Folding bikes tend to be smaller. Most of the models that dominate the market come with 20 inch tires and smaller - 24 inch folding bikes are rather exotic.
There is a reason for this: Thanks to its compact dimensions, the folding bike can often be easily folded up and stowed away to hand luggage size.
While smaller people usually have no problems with this, things can look different for larger people, depending on the folding bike model.
If you are over 185 cm tall, some models reach their limits, since the seat post and handlebars are usually at the maximum extension here. If you are taller than 190 cm, you may have a slightly crooked sitting position on the folding bike. This is where choice matters.

No question of (body) size

However: The blanket statement that tall people cannot ride a folding bike is a fallacy. This depends heavily on the model. For example, the extent to which the seat post and handlebars can be extended. For example, telescopic seat posts are available for some models, while most handlebars are height-adjustable.
Advice from a specialist dealer can help here, as can a test drive beforehand.
Finally, it should be said that the wheel size alone is not decisive for whether a rider of his height will fit on it. The decisive factor here is the individual ergonomics of the bike - and also of the rider!
In short: Even tall people can find a suitable bike with the right ergonomics for themselves!

Our conclusion

Folding bikes are for everyone! Even taller people can ride well and comfortably on the flexible two-wheelers, regardless of the wheel size. Appropriate ergonomics of the bike as well as adjustment options for the seat post and handlebars are decisive.

Before you buy a folding bike, we recommend that you seek advice and, if possible, take a test ride in advance.

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