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COAST - folding bikes for urban environment


10 Nov 2022

The folding bike in the everyday test - past the traffic jam

Nobody: Aaahhh, finally rush hour traffic again.
Where else can you enjoy so much me-time in the car, listen to the radio intensively again and spill the coffee that you hectically prepared at home in peace and quiet... uh, sip. Thanks to the many traffic jams and red light phases, you have so much time at your disposal. Oh, don't you think it's that good?
Well then: let's talk about the folding bike.

Origami on two wheels

Folding bikes are a further development of the earlier folding bikes - somewhat chunkier fellows, compared to the models available on the market today. Today's folding bikes not only look a lot fancier than their folding predecessors, they are also a lot lighter and easier to handle.
In most cases, a few simple steps are enough to transform the bike from a vehicle into a package the size of hand luggage.

Rush hour? No problem!

The folding bike has experienced an enormous boom in recent years. Not only thanks to the intensive users, such as commuters, but also thanks to the general rethinking of people. This number alone should make many people who have a few kilometers to work rethink: A car STANDS 22-23 hours a day and takes up around 10 square meters of space. Let that sink in!

The evolution of the folding bike

The somewhat ridiculed, dusty image is passé: the folding bike is now considered haute couture in the urban cityscape.
It is particularly suitable for combining with public transport if the distance between home and bus stop or between bus stop and work is too long to walk.

Let's take a moment to look at a typical day through the eyes of a commuter commuting to work on a folding bike:
After we got up, showered and had our first coffee, we jump on our folding bike and drive to the next subway station. The streets are already full and the first cars are already rotating around the Park & ​​Ride car park in search of a free parking space. A driver keeps glancing nervously at his watch – ah, two minutes to the next train. We ride straight to the platform and fold our bike up in no time – after a few practice laps, the process has become second nature to us. The train is coming.
We get in with our bike package and hold the door open for the driver who has found a parking space at the last minute and sprints red-faced. From our seat out the window we see how we pass a long queue of cars. The sun is just rising. We smile.
Arriving at the main train station, we change to the already well-filled ICE. Fortunately, no additional ticket and no prior reservation is necessary for our folding bike. We now have some time to read the book we took with us and to drink a coffee from the on-board restaurant.
When we arrive at the destination station, we unfold our bike in no time and cover the three kilometers from the station to our place of work in a very short time. Now just look for a parking space...Oh, wait a minute. That's gone.
We ride our folding bike right to the gates of our workplace and can start our working day fresh and relaxed.
Practical: When folded, our folding bike can be stored in almost any office or storage room. You don't even have to worry about it being stolen.

Our conclusion

Daily test passed!
The folding bike is the ideal companion on your daily commute to work if you want to avoid driving in the rush hour, traffic jams and annoying searches for a parking space.
It is wonderfully suitable for combining with public transport, since the routes between the various points of contact can be covered more quickly with a folding bike, and it can also be parked almost anywhere to save space. At the same time, the daily commute on a folding bike protects the environment and keeps you fit. Many particularly enjoy the drive after work and can switch off and relax very well. I definitely belong there! 😉

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