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10 Nov 2022

High entry or low entry - which is better for a folding bike?

The bicycle frame has a supporting position. Depending on the shape, it not only determines the appearance of your bike, but also has an influence on the area of ​​use and riding comfort.

While the high entry, also called high tide at COAST, is perceived as particularly sporty, a low entry - low tide at COAST - is considered particularly comfortable.
But: What are the advantages and disadvantages of each variant? And which one is better suited for the folding bike? Questions upon questions - which we want to pursue in the following article.

Low entry vs. high entry

For a long time, the high entry was considered a typical “men’s model”. A more demanding climb, the inclined riding posture and the sleek design make COAST Hightide bikes appear particularly sporty. But gender issues are a thing of the past these days, because more and more women are now choosing bikes with the sporty frame shape.

Thanks to its additional middle tube, the high entry offers a particularly high level of stability and torsional rigidity, and is therefore particularly suitable for heavy loads. It is therefore the most important frame shape for mountain bikes. A step-through frame, on the other hand, enables easier and more comfortable entry thanks to its special frame shape - it has no center bar. When ascending, the leg does not have to be lifted as high as with the Hightide, which makes the ascent more comfortable and the descent a bit easier. The seating position on the Lowtide is slightly more upright than on the Hightide, which relieves strain on the back, neck and wrists.

Which way to start a folding bike?

In our experience, the shape of the frame plays a rather subordinate role in folding bikes. The reason: Since the folding bike is rather small with an average size of 20 inches, a high or low entry is not as important for the folding model as it is for a conventional bike.
For this reason, a comfortable ascent is guaranteed with both a high entry and a low entry. The shape of the frame also has no influence on the driving experience in terms of manoeuvrability.

Resignation or freewheeling

Generally speaking, most folding models with coaster brakes are equipped with a low step-through, while the freewheel models have a high step-through.

Our conclusion

High entry or low entry? When it comes to folding bikes, it's more a question of appearance than riding comfort. Due to the comparatively small inch size of folding bikes, the frame shape is not too important for its rider and is therefore a question of personal taste.

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